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GoldenTabs 1/8/2018


wotoadgi 9/17/2015

@@@ The New Paris babysitter charged with battery resulting in death has been arrested. That's according to our reporting partners at . Jackie Lynn Rolston, 58, was booked at the Elkhart County Jail overnight. Her bond is set at $100,000. Rolston has been charged in connection with the death of 19-month-old Kirk Coleman, who died from abusive head trauma. The initial report dates back to October 29 of 2014, and the office of the prosecuting attorney received the case on January 9 of this year. Court records show Rolston was charged in 2006 with neglect of a dependent and battery on a child. She pleaded guilty to the neglect charge, and the battery charge was dismissed as part of the plea deal. She was sentenced to 18 months of probation, court records show, and served a year before her charge was reduced to a class A misdemeanor and she was released from probation. Calling the Rolstons "good neighbors," longtime neighbor Mark Kunze hopes people don't jump to conclusions until all the facts are known. "I feel sorry for the loss of the child, and I also feel sorry for the struggles it's obviously putting [the Rolston - family through."

Kamren 3/11/2015

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Brandilyn 3/10/2015

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Prabhu 10/19/2013

Thanks ka sept to write this topic for me, too.I have just back from a mindful soesisn of them is ability to stop furious and anger from within..I think of writing something on how evil they have been doing to this country while we are celebrating our beloved King's birthday countrywide, and shifting the social paradigm to solve all no need now..But this gangster, they not even act like enemies, but they also do anything to distort the fact..shamelessly,thank you ka sept,happy day all day na ^^

Hamza 9/2/2013

se euxaristo polu gia ta kala sou thes psiokalouthrae sti selida mou kai tis epomenes mou eisai kala, giorgos (absent without leave).

Marina 9/2/2013

simera elaba kati teuxieuxaristo poli gia tin apigaalla mporo na mai axaristos kai na sou po: tipota apo oles autes tis oraies mousikes de tha mou steileis?;)sintoma giati se 15 meres allazo poli, spiti...ta panta(kalos exonton ton pragmaton- allios tha me deite sta meri sas...)

Felix 1/20/2013

Wow, qu'elles belles ptoohs!!!! C'est incroyable de pouvoir revivre cette tres belle journee avec tes super belles ptoohs Johanne!!!! On peux vraiment voir dans le visage de tout le monde comment ils se sont bien amuses et surtout les visages de Christian et Maude en voyant leur grand amour transparent!!! Ils vont avoir de tres beaux souvenirs..grace a toi Felicitation ma belle, je suis tres contente que tu etais leur photographe! Merci encore de ta presence. J't'aime plus que l'univers!!!x0xAwesome job again my dear sis, you continuely amaze me with yourtalents .what a wonderful gift you have, keep up the great work!!! Christian and Maude's pictures do tell a story and itis just so wonderful to be able to relive that special day I love the black and white pictures and the fun ones of the bridal parties as well as the ones outside during the ceromonies and of course the one dancing their first dance. It was so cool Your other ptoohs this month are also incredible, particularly the one of the baby's wrapped in the knitted blanket! So adorable!!! Great job again Johanne. I'am so proud of you and love you so much!!!

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